Can Raccoons Eat Pizza?

I have wondered a few times, can raccoons eat pizza? The answer is, of course, yes! Raccoons love pizza as much as the next New Yorker. Italians visiting us must be horrified when they see a giant pie with so much cheese and sauce. On the other hand, we love it and can’t get enough. Our raccoon city and country dwellers love pizza as well. If you’ve been to the city and didn’t see a raccoon looking for pizza, you’re not looking hard enough.

Our late neighbor found a raccoon kit by the street a few years ago and took it home. He raised her and even let her chew on his toothbrush. Then, when she was old enough, he let her out into the wild. Every year since, Rascal, or her family generation, comes to us when it’s time to have her kits. Once the kits are old enough, they emerge from under our deck and start causing havoc. This year they came out at the right time. We just got our charcoal pizza oven, and they enjoy the leftovers. You can say they are also our taste testers.

When we don’t have any leftover pizza slices to give them, they flip and turn everything on the deck until they find a crumb. Okay, that might exaggerate a bit, but they are little rascals. My tomato plant was overturned and is dead now. The pizza oven and our sliding doors have small raccoon hand prints all over them. Shoes for outside have been chewed on and carried across the deck. Yes, there is nothing cuter than watching raccoons eat pizza! Sure, your baby is adorable but watching a bunch of raccoons fight over pizza and munch on them is priceless.

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One thought on “Can Raccoons Eat Pizza?”

  1. sheila ressel says:

    We throw out the pizza crusts that hubby doesn’t eat for the raccoons and they gobble them up!

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