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Catskill Pizza Shop: Brio’s Pizzeria

If you’re looking for an excellent Catskill pizza shop, Brio’s Pizzeria is the spot! This restaurant has been feeding its neighborhood since 1973. As you walk in, you see the wood-burning stove in action. Pizza after pizza, dish after dish, cooks for guests in this open brick pizza oven. As for us, we just came for the pizza.

The last time we went hiking in the Catskills, we stopped by Brio’s to grab a pie for the ride home. The pie we chose was covered in sliced tomatoes, basil, cheese, garlic, and oil. Could pizza get any better or be more straightforward? I don’t think so. This is one of their signature pies at Brio’s. It’s simple but so darn delicious!

Three Pies at Brio’s Pizzeria

The second time going to Brio’s Pizzeria, we ordered three pies. This time we got a large fresh tomato, basil, and garlic pie, a personal goal cheese pie, and a mushroom pie. The mushroom pie was loaded with mushrooms on the entire pie and drizzled in truffle oil. This was not my pie but I tried a slice and didn’t care much for it.

The goat cheese personal pie from Brio’s Pizzeria is incredible! I ordered this pie because I love all the veggies they put on it – mushrooms, roasted peppers, and sun-dried tomatoes. This pizza was full of flavors and textures and seasoned just right. Maybe the goat cheese made it salty, but it’s perfect and needs nothing else.

While Brio’s Pizzeria has excellent pizza, they also have other incredible food options on the menu. The choices are endless, from salads, burgers, and wraps to Tex-Mex, fajitas, and burritos! You can dine in or eat outside and enjoy the Catskill views and fresh air. We took our pies to go and ate as we drove back home. Some might say that good pizza is hard to find in upstate NY but Brio’s pizza will prove them wrong! Just make sure you’re there at noon, when they start making pizza!

Brio’s Pizzeria & Restaurant
68 Main St
Phoenicia, NY 12464


Open Breakfast,  Lunch and Dinner
Monday-Thursday  9am-10pm

Friday 9am-10:30pm

Saturday 8am-10:30pm

Sunday 8am-10pm

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