Healthy Pizza Dough Options

Some might say pizza’s healthy and has all the essentials we need. Others will argue that pizza has too many carbs and that carbs are bad that turn into sugar. Carbs can spike our blood pressure and diabetes and cause other health concerns. Some might say that cheese is terrible and makes you fat, but it’s proven that it doesn’t. The issue is with carbs and how to reduce them in your pizza.

Healthy Pizza

Whether you want to cut down on your carbs intake or want to lose weight, there are other healthy pizza dough alternatives that you’ll love. These include using:

  • Cauliflower pizza dough
  • Zucchini crust
  • Broccoli pizza crust
  • Protein crust
  • Pumpkin zucchini crust

These are just a few of the different keto-friendly, low-carb cust options. If you want to eat pizza but not feel guilty about it, choose one of the above products. They can help you enjoy pizza in a new way and can help you make other health-conscience decisions.

You can also make healthy pizza by adding fresh tomatoes instead of canned pizza sauce. Another option is to add more vegetables to your toppings. Peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, and zucchini are some of the low-carb veggie pizza toppings. You can also use healthier pizza sauce options, such as white keto sauce.

Whatever you do, there is no need to give up eating pizza! Instead, get your pizza oven and start experimenting. Make healthy pizza dough options your mission in life at least once a month.

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One thought on “Healthy Pizza Dough Options”

  1. Sue E says:

    The only types of pizza 🍕 crust that I have had is thin or thick crust. I like both.
    In my opinion, a different variety now and then might be good. I usually don’t mess around with delicious. I would like to try:
    Broccoli pizza crust & Protein crust
    The rest no way! Who thinks of these weird ideas?? Don’t tell the kids about the veggies in the crust!

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