Cookies and Berries Pizza

When you think of pizza, I’m sure you never think ‘cookies and berries pizza would be good about now’. Well, you should! In our house, every pizza night ends with dessert pizza. While some people refuse to try or make a dessert pizza, we embrace it. I prefer pizza that is not too sweet while he prefers his dessert pizzas as sweet as they can get. We compromise by creating half pies and using what we have on hand.

Nutella pizza is great and all but cookies and berries pizza is something else! If you’ve never had berries with your warm, fresh out-of-the-oven cookies, you’re missing out! Now add pizza crust to the mix and a cold glass of your favorite milk and bam! Bedtime couldn’t be any sweeter after that.

Nutella and berries pizza taste great but it can be overly too sweet for me. I want to enjoy my dessert and eat as much of it as I can. If it’s too sweet, the dessert is ruined for me. My favorite dessert that the pizza chef in this house makes are Oreo and berries balls. He uses pizza dough to wrap the Oreos and berries in, then bakes them. Anyway, if you love chocolate chip cookies and berries, you need to make yourself this berries and cookies pizza!