Testing out Free Pizza Poker Tournament Game

I want to try something new to see if our members enjoy the idea of a pizza poker tournament. I found a website where I can host free online poker games. There is a max of 10 people right now allowed to play on this free poker-playing website. You don’t need to register on the website to play. You need to pick your username and enter the free pizza tournament. The first-place winner will win one free pie from their local pizzeria. You tell us which pizza restaurant you order from, and we will pay for that order!

Does this sound like something people would be interested in? We would need to be online at the same time to play a pizza poker tournament. Right now, I can only host ten people at a time. So this will be first come, first serve to enter the free poker tournament for your chance to win free PIZZA!

Comment under the comments section to enter.

I will email the first 10 comments to see what time is best to start the game. If someone is not available to play, then I will move to the next person in the comments list until we have 10 people online at the same time to play for the FREE PIZZA prize.

The images below is just a quick example I tested with friends to see how it works. We will get a full report below of all the players, hands and who won the free pizza =)

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