Pizza from Villa Gaudio of Bullvile NY

Every Saturday we got visit our KoKo’s memorial at the Forever Angels Pet Cemetery in Montgomery NY. This pizzeria is only 5 minutes away from our KoKo. This will be our new go to pizza spot on the weekends.

Address: 2856 NY-17K, Middletown, NY 10941


Monday11 AM–8 PM
Tuesday11 AM–8 PM
Wednesday11 AM–8 PM
Thursday11 AM–8 PM
Friday11 AM–8 PM
Saturday11 AM–8 PM
Sunday11 AM–8 PM

Phone: (845) 361-3747

The cheese pizza from Villa Gaudio of Bullvile NY. We sat down to eat some pasta with chicken. I also got 3 slices because I knew that one meal wasn’t going to fill us both haha. When we got the check to pay I was still starving so we ordered a full pie to go. It only took them about 8 minutes to bake the pizza. These pictures show it right out the oven.

The Video of the pizza from Villa Gaudio of Bullvile Ny

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