Brio’s Pizza after Hiking the Catskills Fire Tower Challenge 2024

We just finished hiking the Hunter Mountain fire tower for the 2024 Catskills Fire Tower Challenge on Thursday. The Brios Pizza spot is on the way home. This was the second time we went to Brios in the same week. Just the day before we stopped by for pizza after finishing the Overlook Fire Mountain tower.

On Wednesday we got the fresh mozzarella, garlic, tomatoes with chicken pizza. We had this pizza a few times at Brio’s already. This time we added some chicken on it. It wasn’t bad but I wasn’t a fan of the chunky tomatoes. In the past they sliced them really thin and that was much better.

I really wanted to try the plain pizza so I got 2 slices for myself.

When we came back the next day to finish another Catskills fire tower hike we stopped by to get a fresh plain pie. The pizza would have been really good if they didn’t go so crazy with the garlic. It was way too overpowering for this plain cheese pizza. Some spots of the pizza there wasn’t any garlic on it and that was really tasty.

Have you tried Brio’s from 68 Main St, Phoenicia, NY 12464? Comment below on what you love or don’t love about their pizzas

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