Giovanni’s Inn Pizza in Wurtsboro NY

If you live in a small town like Wurtsboro NY, it might be hard to find good sourdough pizza, unless you go to Giovanni’s Inn Pizza and Restaurant. This restaurant has been around since 1991. The owner, Giovanni, is native to Naples, Italy and brings the flavors in his food.

One things that needs to be notes is that this restaurant has a limited menu. The menu changes on a daily basis based on the ingredients that are in season. On Wednesdays and Thursdays you can come in and grab a pizza pie! These are the days we go to the restaurant.

Giovanni’s Inn Pizza and restaurant makes delicious wood fired pizza in their backyard. In 2011 they built a hand-crafted Pompeii style wood burning oven. This is what helps bring flavor and texture to their pizza. You can sit in the backyard and watch the chef make you a fresh pizza pie! We love to take our to go, cross the road and enjoy it while we kayak at Bashakill Wetlands.

If you’re even in the area, check out their pizza. Make sure it’s a Wednesday or Thursday, otherwise you might not be getting a pie.