National Pizza Holidays

Did you know that there are numerous of pizza holidays that we miss out on? Once you know all the holidays dedicated to pizza, you’ll stop missing them and become a true pizza fan. So what holidays should we be aware of? Every holiday that celebrates all things pizza! 

National Cheese Pizza Day

On September 5th each year we celebrate National cheese pizza day. This day celebrates the basic cheese pie. All you need is the crust, sause and plenty of cheese. 

National Pepperoni Pizza Day

September 20th is when we celebrate one of themost populat pizza toppings in America called pepperoni. On this day your pizza should include this one single toppings whether it’s turkey pepperoni, vegan pepperoni or the real thing. 

National Pizza Month

There is one month where you can eat pizza every day and not have any guilt. Octoner is national pizza month so go ahead and order that pizza, or better yet, make it at home. This month should be dedicated to trying a different pizza every day, or as many as possible. 

National Sausage Pizza Day

Another pizza holiday you have to try and remember is National Sausage Pizza Day. This is celebrated on October 11th of each year. I do love a good Polish kielbasa and need to make sure I have some ready for my pizza. 

World Pizza Makers Day

If you make pizza on a daily basis or often, you can join in on this pizza holiday. World Pizza Makers Day is celebrated October 25th. Make sure to go to your favorite pizza restaurant and thank your pizzaioli for making the best pies!

National Pizza with the Works except Anchovies Day

One day a year we tell anchovies lovers enough is enough! We don’t want anchovies on our pizza, at least I don’t. Perhaps anchovies pie was the first “pizza” ancient Greeks made but I’ll pass. On November 12th, we should order the weirdest pies we can think of, just hold the anchovies. 

National Pizza Pie Day

On February 9th, we can all join in and celebrate our favorite pizza holiday. On this day, you should have at least one pie with your friends and family. 

National Pi Day

If you remember anything from school it should be that pi equals 3.14(159265359). While some people eat a sweet pie, others choose to celebrate with another round pie, pizza pie! Needless to say, this day is celebrated on March 14th. 

National Deep Dish Pizza Day

While I’m not the biggest fan of deep dish pizza, it deserves it’s own holiday. On April 5th, we celebrate deep dish pizza day. You don’t have to live in Chicago in order to join in on this pizza holiday. You can go to your local Uno’s Pizzeria and eat the deep dish that started it all. 

National Pizza Party Day

There really isn’t a party unless you have some pizza! National Pizza Party day is celebrated on the 3rd Friday in May. So grab your friends, get some pies, and party like pizza is life! 

Pizza Margherita Day

One of my favorite pizza pies is the classic, simple, Neapolitan Margherita pizza. It’s said that the pie was named after Queen Margherita of Savoy. The national holiday is celebrated on June 11th of each year. 

Which of the above pizza holidays is your favorite?