Right Way to Eat Pizza

Is there really a wrong and right way to eat pizza? If you’re visiting America from Europe, you might be appalled by our food sizes and how we choose to eat our pies. As Americans, we get shocked when we see people choosing to eat their pizzas with forks and knives. What’s up with that?

The first time I went to a restaurant in Europe with my aunt and cousins, I ordered pizza. My cousin also ordered pizza and I thought it was weird. Why would we not share one large cheese pie? Well, there were no large cheese pie options. What you have is a personalized pie with an olive in the center, and ketchup squirted all over it for design, I guess? And of course you get your silverware to eat it with. After being shocked at how thin and white the pizza was, I proceeded to try and eat it. I grabbed one slice with my hand and ate it in three bites. My aunt and cousins were horrified! They asked me what I was doing and to stop! I need to use my fork and knife. As a New Yorker, I found this funny and weird. I laughed and continued to eat my pizza with my hands, embarrassing my family.

Was it good? Yes. Was it the best pizza I ever had? Not even close, but it was different. Did I try to use the fork and knife? Eventually, but it didn’t last too long. If you’re coming from America to Europe, would you use a knife and fork to eat pizza? If you don’t, some people might think of you as uncultured and uncivilized.

How to Eat Pizza the Right Way

According to the world, or something like that, the right way to eat pizza is to use a fork and knife. You should start from the center triangle part and eat your way towards the crust. Eating pizza with a fork and knife will help you eat slower, chew your food, and enjoy the pizza more. It will also allow the pizza to cool off better and not fall over your face or burn your mouth.

I feel like for personal pies, Neapolitan pies and deep dish pizza, using a fork and knife will help you eat the pizza. Especially if you are in Europe. If your pizza has a lot of toppings and soft cheese, the fork will help you grab a little bit of everything in one bite. But if you ordered a large New York cheese pie, then baby use your hands! Grab the slice, maybe fold it in half or flip the triangle half towards the crust! This way the cheese won’t burn your mouth. This also helps the cheese stay on the slice, especially if it’s a piping hot slice!

Do you think that there is a wrong and right way to eat pizza? Do you have a special way of eating pizza or just rely on your hands and mouth to do the work? As long as you eat pizza during National Pizza Month, I don’t care if you use a fork or your hands.