Best Pizza Sauce

Is there only one best pizza sauce? Over the years, I’ve made hundreds of pies using various sauce products. The goal was to perfect the pie and be consistent with the ingredients. I struggle with consistency and following recipes, but I try my best for pizza. Stop if you are one of those people who only knows and uses either Ragu or Prego sauce! Other better pizza sauce options will help you make the best pie. Some of our favorite options are listed below. Give them a try! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up loving one and will never go back to your old ways.

DeLallo Italian Pizza Sauce

During the beginning of Covid, I happened to be in the pasta aisle and saw this cherry tomato sauce. I decided to give it a try and fell in love! This jar is perfect for margarita-style pizza! It is sweet without overpowering flavors. Sadly, I now avoid this sauce due to their changes. Lately, every bottle of DeLallo pizza sauce has been runny and feels too watered. I guess everyone is trying to cut down and cheap us and use Covid-19 as their excuse. The price has also increased on this watery sauce. It’s still worth trying, at least once. Maybe you’ll like it on your pies.

Don Pepino Pizza Sauce

The opposite of a runny sauce is Don Pepino. The packaging on this product makes you think you’re using something from the 1950s, and you are! This New Jersey can of tomatoes includes simple ingredients and is full of flavor. The sauce is also a bit on the sweeter side but you can add more garlic and sea salt to it to mellow it down. If you love New York-style pizza, they most likely use this can and add more seasoning to make it their own. The best part, this can cost only a dollar fifty!

Rao’s Homemade Pizza Sauce

Another delicious and simple recipe that you should try is Rao’s pizza sauce. The ingredients are wholesome and not overpowering. When I use this sauce, I think of local restaurants that make specialty or sourdough pizzas. You will probably pay around five dollars for a jar of this tomato sauce.

Classico Fire Roasted Pizza Sauce

If you like a simple pizza sauce with a lot of flavors, give this jar a try. Lately, I mainly use this jar for our pizzas. On rare occasions, I grab the original sauce option, which doesn’t have the fire-roasted flavor. This 14oz jar of sauce will cost you a little under two dollars, and you’ll also find yourself using it in other recipes.

The above are some of the best pizza sauces that we love to use in our New York pies. What’s your favorite pizza sauce? Is it on the list?