Baking 6 Pizzas with Expert Grill 15″ pizza oven

I lost count but I have to be over 300 pizzas baked so far with the Expert Grill 15″ Pizza oven from walmart. I purchased the first oven for $137 last year. This summer I grabbed one up for $87 on clearance at Walmart. The first pizza oven I didn’t take care of well. I let it sit in the rain and snow all season but it still made delicious pizza.

Below you will find 6 YouTube videos shared on my pizza fan club channel. This oven can compete with all the famous brand pizza oven. There is a learning curve with dealing with the fire and keeping the temp where you want it but after baking a few pizzas you should be able to work those kinks out. The most pizzas I baked with this oven in a single night was 10, that was exhausting but also fun experience.

The classic cheese pizza.

Plain cheese pizza with some sliced tomatoes.

Diced mushroom cheese pizza.

The famous dessert pizza using chocolate chip cookie dough and sliced strawberries. This is a really tasty pizza and I recommend you try it before you hate it =)

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