Baking 6 Pizzas with Expert Grill 15″ pizza oven

I lost count but I have to be over 300 pizzas baked so far with the Expert Grill 15″ Pizza oven from walmart. I purchased the first oven for $137 last year. This summer I grabbed one up for $87 on clearance at Walmart. The first pizza oven I didn’t take care of well. I let it sit in the rain and snow all season but it still made delicious pizza.

Below you will find 6 YouTube videos shared on my pizza fan club channel. This oven can compete with all the famous brand pizza oven. There is a learning curve with dealing with the fire and keeping the temp where you want it but after baking a few pizzas you should be able to work those kinks out. The most pizzas I baked with this oven in a single night was 10, that was exhausting but also fun experience.

The classic cheese pizza.

Plain cheese pizza with some sliced tomatoes.

Diced mushroom cheese pizza.

The famous dessert pizza using chocolate chip cookie dough and sliced strawberries. This is a really tasty pizza and I recommend you try it before you hate it =)

Pizza Buddy - Frozen Pizza Dough Review

Walmart’s Pizza Buddy 16oz Dough Review

I could eat Pizza every single day but I still can’t remember to prep for the pizza by making my own pizza dough. This is why I love Walmart’s Pizza Buddy 16oz dough. Our local Walmart is only 15 minutes away and we normally drive by every day so its very convenient to drop in there to get the Pizza Buddy dough, they usually have them frozen and sometimes you can find some defrosted. Depending on how quick you want to make pizza you can choose which one works best for you.

I know the “Pizza Gurus” are rolling in their grave right now because we aren’t using their nonnas 10000 year old dough recipe and making it from scratch, it must be horrible pizza. Now that I got that disclaimer out the way =) Please try the pizza dough before you become a harsh critic about it. We are so quick to judge something because we are thought something as young chickens and then as adults we think it can only be one way or no way at all. If you watch my Only Pizza Fan YouTube Channel, 90% of the pizzas I bake are with Walmart’s Pizza Buddy 16oz dough in Walmart’s Expert Grill 15″ Pizza Oven.

Step 1 – My portable pizza oven is the Expert Grill 15″ Charcoal Pizza oven. I like to split the 16oz Pizza Buddy dough into halfissh, I don’t really use a scale since I can’t find it anytime I actually need it haha. So I just guess, usually one is always smaller but that is fine.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7 –

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11

Step 12

Step 13

Step 14

Step 15

Step 16

Step 17 – The 6 Pizzas baked with the Expert Grill 15″ Pizza Oven. The images are sorted in the same way they came out the oven. Some had too much heat, some just had the perfect amount. Its a challenge keeping the fire consistent while also running inside to stretch the dough and get it ready for pizza toppings.