Gotta Luv It Pizzeria in Wurtsboro NY

Gotta Luv It Pizzeria in Wurtsboro NY

The Gotta Luv It Pizzeria in Wurtsboro NY was one of the first pizza places we tried when we left Ridgewood, Queens to move into the woods about 10 years ago. I was excited that the town we moved in had a decent pizza shop but not so excited that they didn’t deliver to my area but I totally understood because nothing is close by when you live in the woods. Everything is 15-20 minutes one way usually.

A few days ago we got a fresh plain pie on our way home from work. The pizza was good, there was no leftovers. The biggest issue I find with smaller pizzerias is consistent pizza. One day you might think its the best pizza in the world and next week you try it again and its totally different. I would recommend giving Gotta Luv It Pizzeria in Wurtsboro NY a try if you are in the area.

Gotta Luv It Address: 187 Kingston Ave, Wurtsboro, NY 12790

Phone: (845) 888-4222

The plain pizza from Gotta Luv It.

The undercarriage of the plain cheese pizza.

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