Gotta Luv It Pizzeria in Wurtsboro NY

Gotta Luv It Pizzeria in Wurtsboro NY

The Gotta Luv It Pizzeria in Wurtsboro NY was one of the first pizza places we tried when we left Ridgewood, Queens to move into the woods about 10 years ago. I was excited that the town we moved in had a decent pizza shop but not so excited that they didn’t deliver to my area but I totally understood because nothing is close by when you live in the woods. Everything is 15-20 minutes one way usually.

A few days ago we got a fresh plain pie on our way home from work. The pizza was good, there was no leftovers. The biggest issue I find with smaller pizzerias is consistent pizza. One day you might think its the best pizza in the world and next week you try it again and its totally different. I would recommend giving Gotta Luv It Pizzeria in Wurtsboro NY a try if you are in the area.

Gotta Luv It Address: 187 Kingston Ave, Wurtsboro, NY 12790

Phone: (845) 888-4222

The plain pizza from Gotta Luv It.

The undercarriage of the plain cheese pizza.

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The Dale

The Dale in Mountaindale NY

The Dale in Mountaindale New York makes some delicious pizza. On this night we got 2 classic and 1 pepperoni pizza. We really enjoyed all 3 pizzas.

The Classic pizza from The Dale

The undercarriage of the classic pizza

The second classic pizza from The Dale. Both really delicious but one of the classics had more of the cheese melted which I preferred over the other one.

The famous pepperoni pizza from The Dale in Mountaindale NY.

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Pizza Review - Pizza the Rock

3 Personal Pies from Pizza the Rock – Rock Hill, NY

Its been a few years since we had pizza from this place. We used to go all the time back when we used to ride our hawk 250 dual sport motorcycle. This is the spot we would pull over for some personal pies which we would share but it was just cheaper to get 2 to 3 personal pies.

On this day we tried the plain cheese pizza, the buffalo pizza and the chicken alfredo pizza. The plain one was okay but it had too much of the sauce taste. I really enjoyed the Buffallo Chicken and Alfredo pizza. Each of the pizzas ranged from $10 to $12. Its only 10 minutes from our house and I would eat here again.

The Buffalo Pizza from Pizza the Rock in Rock Hill NY.

The chicken alfredo pizza

It was 3 of eating and at the end there was no slices left. So either we were starving or the pizza was actually good =). I would recommend trying Pizza the Rock, if you are ever in Sullivan County, Rock Hill, New York.

One Bite Pizza

Pizzaiolo in Portland, Maine

Our first time trying one of Dave’s pizza reviews from One Bite. We spent a night in Portland, Maine and decided to give Pizzaiolo on 360 Cumberland Ave, Portland, ME 04101 a try.

The Pizzaiolo pizza crew making them pizza pies.

The famous pizza display case.

Then of course if pizza isn’t your thing then you might be interested in some Pizzaiolo pizza merch =)

Here is our pizza from Pizzaiolo. We did eat it all up, well mostly me since I eat 2 and half slices by the time my girl eats one haha.

Pizzaiolo in Portland, Maine Video

Pizza in Port Jervis, NY

Village at Bruno’s Pizza Restaurant

Village at Bruno’s Pizza Restaurant in Port Jervis, NY. The pepperoni slice has been my favorite so far. We haven’t ordered a fresh pie but the slices we did eat have been good.

Service options: Dine-in · Curbside pickup · No-contact delivery

Bruno’s Pizza Restaurant Phone: (845) 856-4361

Bruno’s Pizza Restaurant Address: 17 Front St, Port Jervis, NY 12771

Bruno’s Pizza Restaurant Hours:

Thursday11 AM–9 PM
Friday11 AM–9:30 PM
Saturday11 AM–9:30 PM
Sunday11 AM–9 PM
Monday11 AM–9 PM
Tuesday11 AM–9 PM
Wednesday11 AM–9 PM

John’s of Arthur Avenue Pizzeria  

We didn’t expect much heading into John’s of Arthur Avenue Pizzeria in Milford, PA. We just purchased some cat food from Milford Pet Supply. The exhaust fan from John’s of Arthur Avenue pulled us right into the pizzeria and every slice we had we loved. I’m a huge fan of the pepperoni slice with the ricotta cheese on top, that crisp was delicious. I will be back to get a fresh pie to enjoy more than one slice haha.

The Motown Special from John’s of Arthur Avenue

Casual restaurant offering pizza & classic Italian-American family-style meals.

John’s of Arthur Avenue Address: 115 Seventh St, Milford, PA 18337

John’s of Arthur Avenue Hours:

Monday11 AM–8 PM
Tuesday11 AM–8 PM
Wednesday11 AM–8 PM
Thursday11 AM–8 PM
Friday11 AM–9 PM
Saturday11 AM–9 PM
Sunday12–8 PM

John’s of Arthur Avenue Phone: (570) 409-6996

Raimondo's Pizza Review

Raimondo’s Pizza Review – Roscoe NY

Raimondo’s Pizza Review – Roscoe NY

Service options: Dine-in · Takeout

Address: 62 Stewart Ave, Roscoe, NY 12776

Phone: (607) 498-4702

Only Pizza Fans YouTube Video of Raimondo’s Pizza Review in Roscoe NY

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