Pizza Review - Pizza the Rock

3 Personal Pies from Pizza the Rock – Rock Hill, NY

Its been a few years since we had pizza from this place. We used to go all the time back when we used to ride our hawk 250 dual sport motorcycle. This is the spot we would pull over for some personal pies which we would share but it was just cheaper to get 2 to 3 personal pies.

On this day we tried the plain cheese pizza, the buffalo pizza and the chicken alfredo pizza. The plain one was okay but it had too much of the sauce taste. I really enjoyed the Buffallo Chicken and Alfredo pizza. Each of the pizzas ranged from $10 to $12. Its only 10 minutes from our house and I would eat here again.

The Buffalo Pizza from Pizza the Rock in Rock Hill NY.

The chicken alfredo pizza

It was 3 of eating and at the end there was no slices left. So either we were starving or the pizza was actually good =). I would recommend trying Pizza the Rock, if you are ever in Sullivan County, Rock Hill, New York.