pizza oven steak and potatoes

Pizza Oven Steak and Potatoes

Do you have a good pizza oven steak and potatoes recipe? We could just keep making pizzas in our Expert Grill charcoal pizza oven, but what fun would that be? Plenty, actually, but sometimes you need a little variety in your life. And, a chef should always experiment and try new things. No harm in trying, right? Before making our steak, we first made salmon and potatoes in the pizza oven. This was a process, but in the end it was delicious.

Today, we decided to make pizza oven steak and potatoes. Who doesn’t love steak and potatoes? Don’t answer that! It’s not every day that we indulge in this meet, but when we do it’s usually a filet. This time we got two rib-eye steaks. The price was better and the steaks were bigger. More meat, more protein, am I right?

Steak and Potatoes in Pizza Oven

For the steak and potatoes recipe I wanted to use the cast iron skillet but did not want the potatoes to get stuck or burn. So, I decided it was a safer bet to cook them separately in a different pan. After the potatoes were cooked almost all the way, I took them out and put the cast iron in the pizza oven. Once the pan was heated up, I placed the seasoned steaks in. The sizzle was perfect and just what I wanted! After two minutes I flipped the steak and waited another two minutes. Then I placed the potatoes back in with the steak and let them heat up in the skillet. Let’s just say this was the most delicious steak and it was hard to share. We have two cats that love steak and they got a tiny piece as well.

You can cook your steak in a pizza oven, straight on the pizza stone. I don’t like to think about the cleanup afterwords and it won’t give me those grill marks that I like. So, I’ll stick to cooking pizza oven steak and potatoes in the cast iron skillet. Next time, I’ll cook the potatoes in the same pan, for added flavor and to speed up the process.

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  1. My family would love this dinner 🥘 Plus they would love me for making it!! We are a pizza 🍕 steak 🥩 & potato 🥔 family! Yum! Thank you for sharing!

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