Can Deer Eat Pizza?

Now that we know that raccoons love pizza, can deer eat pizza too? The short answer is YES! Every animal that has a taste of pizza will love it and want more. This goes for deer as well. One day, after finishing a hike, we went to grab a pizza pie. As we were driving back home and eating our pizza, a few deers passed the road. We stopped for them, rolled down the window and started taking photos. One brave deer turned around and came straight to the car!

What do you do when a deer pulls by your car window? You feed it a piece of your pizza! Not all deer are this friendly, but this lady was probably being fed by someone on a regular basis. She had no issues coming up to me and slobbering her saliva all over my hand and car window. So yes, deer can eat pizza and they love it! I felt bad that we didn’t have more slices to share. As to which restaurant the pie came from, I have no idea. Since the hike was in Rock Hill, I’m assuming it was a pie from Pizza the Rock.

While deer can eat pizza it doesn’t mean you should buy a pie and go looking for one. Deer, and other wildlife, should eat things that they can easily digest and won’t upset their stomachs. Avoid feeding your deer items they are not used to, especially in the winter. This can shock their digestive system and can cause diarrhea and dehydration. We want our deer to live and thrive, not have the runs.