Best Pizza Subscriptions to Try

Today you can get a monthly delivery on almost anything, including pizza subscriptions. There are a number of different monthly pizza delivery options that will make your mouth water and your taste buds tingle with excitement. October is the perfect month to try some of these delicious pizza delivery options. Actually, any time of the year is the perfect time to try new and different pizzas!

Amazing Clubs – Pizza of the Month Club

If you love Chicago deep-dish pizza, this Amazing Clubs pizza subscription is for you. You can choose from three, six or 12 months deliveries. Every delivery includes three different deep-dish pies made from fresh, high quality ingredients. Each hand-tossed pizza is flash-frozen so it’s still fresh and delicious when it’s delivered to your home.

GoldBelly Pizza Subscription

For this subscription you can choose either three or six months of pizza delivery. Each delivery includes one pizza that can feed four people. In our household a large New York style pie feeds two pizza lovers only.  GoldBelly pizzas are not just deep-dish. They include a variety of pizza styles, toppings, and sauces.

Talia di Napoli Taste of Talia

If you want a little variety of handmade sourdough pies that bringyou back to italy, give this a try. With this pizza purchase you can get two Margherita pies, two Mozzarella pies, two Tartufina, One Four Cheese & One Provolina pizza. These eight pies will cost you $117 plus shipping. You can shop for all of their different pizzas here.

Brick n Fire Pizza Company Pizza Subscription

If you want at least five pizzas in your box delivery, you need to check this subscription out. Brick n Fire offers monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly pizza subscriptions. You can choose half (five) or full box (10) options, full of their samples or your own preferences.

Lou Malnati’s Taste of Chicago

Another deep-dish pizza subscription you can try is Lou Malnati’s.They have been shipping their pizzas since 1987! Unlike other subscriptions, this one is customizable. You can choose the number of pizzas you want and the type of pizza. From veggies to sausage to crustless or variety, you choose what you want delivered. Their deep-dish pies feed two people.

Daily Harvest Flatbreads

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Right now you’re screaming “flatbread is not pizza” but give it a try. When I first tried flatbread pizza I was pleasantly surprised. It was delicious and I was able to eat it all, and enjoy other appetizers. My favorite would have to be pesto flatbread pizza with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. Daily Harvest doesn’t do simple stuff like that. All of their pizza is gluten and dairy free and made from pure, simple and seasonal ingredients. For the subscription, you have to choose from either 9, 14, or 24 items and then select the flatbreads you want. Each flatbread pizza comes to around $10.

So far, I have not tried any of the above pizza subscriptions, have you? Which one would you like to try? Remember, October is National Pizza Month. Getting a pizza subscription for a month is a great way to celebrate it. 

Best Pizza TV Shows

If you’re looking to get inspired and make better pizza, you need to enjoy a variety of pizza TV shows. Over the years there have been countless of television shows that showcase pizza and inspire us to try more pizza. Today, there are even more shows that get out juices floating and make us say; why didn’t I think of that? If you’re looking for the best pizza TV shows to binge watch, try the following:

Chef’s Table: Pizza

Netflix comes up with shows left and right but this one is a must watch. In this mini series you will get to meet a number of chefs from around the world and learn how they started their pizza addiction. From using the best and freshest ingredients to adding edible flowers to their pizzas, you’ll see it all.

Best In Dough

Hulu can’t just watch Netflix have a pizza show, they make sure to release their own. If you’re looking for a show where three amateur pizza makers and chefs compete to see who can make the better pie, this show is for you. This show not only inspires you to go and make more pizza, it will also make you hungry. Be sure to have your pie ready while you watch this pizza TV show.

The Pizza Show

This show started in 2016 and shows Frank Pinello, a pizza and bar owner, traveling near and far, eating a variety of pizzas. He talks to the pizzaiolos while enjoying their delicious, mouth-watering pies. Now that’s a job I want to sign up for! You can watch this show online and Roku.

Really Dough?

In this show, friends Scott and Mark travel and try anything claiming it’s a pizza. From pizza doughnuts to lasagna pizza, to calzone pizzas, the choices are endless. You can enjoy three seasons of this show, and decide for yourself if something is pizza or just a pizza-wannabe.

Do you watch any of the above pizza TV shows? Which one is your favorite? Are there any other pizza shows we should be watching? Let us know in the comments below.

1st Pizza Fan Club Free Pizza Winner

Our 1st Pizza Fan Club free pizza winner is Tara Magee from Florida! Congratulations, Tara! We hope that the pizza you chose was even more delicious, since it was on us. 😉

Tara chose a hand tossed, Super Special round pizza from Jet’s Pizza. The hand-tossed, Super Special pie is topped with red sauce, pepperoni, ham, mozzarella, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions. This sounds like a perfect pie full of protein. I will have to try this pie next time I am in the city, minus the onions, of course.

Jet’s Pizza was started in 1978 by Eugene Jetts and his brother John Jetts. The first location was called Jetts Party Shoppe & Pizzeria in Sterling Heights, Michigan. They created unique and fresh deep dish pizzas that are still made today. Instead of one location, they now have hundreds of locations in 19 different states. They have three location in New York City alone, so we will have to check them out soon.

Thank you again Tara for participating in our pizza giveaway and being our 1st Pizza Fan Club free pizza winner!

If you’re a pizzeria and want to be featured in our Giveaways, feel free to contact us to collaborate on the next pizza giveaway. We’re always looking for new pizzas to try and new restaurants to support!

Children’s Fornino Pizza Workshop

If you want to learn to make and eat pizza like a pro, you need to join the Fornino pizza workshop! Starting September 17, every other Saturday there will be a pizza workshop from the famous Fornino pizza shop. Participants will be provided with everything they need including pizza dough, toppings, chef hats and aprons, pomegranate toast, a goodie bag and two complimentary tickets to Jane’s Carousel.

If you love pizza andkl have a child that is a chef in the making, this is the event for you. For  $37.73 you and your child get to enjoy a pizza making experience you’ll never forget. At the Fornino pizza workshop you will get to make your own pizza with your child, and add the toppings you like. Whether you are a newbie or want to perfect your pizza skills, you’ll get the tips and knowledge you need to make an incredible pie.

Michael Ayoub has been a chef for 45 years and is the owner of Fornino. He got the name from his mother’s maiden name, which also translates into oven. He has been creating delicious wood-fired pizzas here since 2004. He uses fresh and unique ingredients that are mouthwatering and memorable. If you want to make pizzas that are unique, classic and delicious like his, you have to let the chef show you how!

Let us know in the comments below if you joined the Children’s Fornino Pizza Workshop and how your pizza making experience was. If anything, this pizza workshop is a great start to learning more about your child and creating memories they won’t forget.


Time Out Market New York

55 Water Street DUMBO

Brooklyn, NY 11201

12th Annual NYC Pizza Run

Did you know that there is an annual NYC pizza run in Brooklyn every year, for the past 12 years? Well, now we all know about it. A pizza fan let us know about this amazing 5K pizza run, which we had no idea about. We were going to sign up but the tickets are all sold out. Go figure! When it comes to anything relating to pizza, it will sell out in a flash.

NYC Pizza Run started 12 years ago. In this 5K challenge, participants get to run and eat 2 slices of pizza along the way. I mean, does it get better than that? This 3.1 mile run also benefits Juvenile Diabetes Research. Half of the proceeds will go to research and improving the lives of children with Type 1 diabetes. We will definitely mark this in our calendar for next year, since we missed the sign up for this year.

The registration was $39.02 per person and includes the taxes. With the fee you get an official NYC Pizza Run t-shirt, get to enjoy 2 slices of pizza, a custom race bib, a pizza gift bag, and a free drink at the NYC Pizza Run afterparty. If you joined the race, let us know how you did and how you liked it. And of course, let us know how the two slices of pizza were.

If you want to join the NYC Pizza Run race or watch it, go to:

Fort Greene Park 320 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205

The race will be held on Sunday, September 25th, 2022 at 11:00 AM.

NJ Pizza Run

If you missed signing up for the NYC Pizza Run, you can join the “Pizza the Trail” 5K – Jersey Shore. This even will be held on November at 9:30 AM at:

Allaire State Park
4265 Atlantic Ave, Wall Township, NJ

The fee to enter the race is $32.74, which includes taxes. One this trail you get to enjoy nature, woods, and a slice of pizza. Every participant gets to take a pizza medal home. Some of the proceeds will go towards breast cancer research for men and women.

Testing out Free Pizza Poker Tournament Game

I want to try something new to see if our members enjoy the idea of a pizza poker tournament. I found a website where I can host free online poker games. There is a max of 10 people right now allowed to play on this free poker-playing website. You don’t need to register on the website to play. You need to pick your username and enter the free pizza tournament. The first-place winner will win one free pie from their local pizzeria. You tell us which pizza restaurant you order from, and we will pay for that order!

Does this sound like something people would be interested in? We would need to be online at the same time to play a pizza poker tournament. Right now, I can only host ten people at a time. So this will be first come, first serve to enter the free poker tournament for your chance to win free PIZZA!

Comment under the comments section to enter.

I will email the first 10 comments to see what time is best to start the game. If someone is not available to play, then I will move to the next person in the comments list until we have 10 people online at the same time to play for the FREE PIZZA prize.

The images below is just a quick example I tested with friends to see how it works. We will get a full report below of all the players, hands and who won the free pizza =)

Nominate Your Favorite Pizza Spot

Do you have a favorite pizza spot that you want the whole world to know about? If you do, nominate your favorite pizza shop here to show them your support!

In order to nominate the best pizza shop in your neighborhood you just need to comment below! Provide us their business location, address, and their number in the comments section below. What makes this pizza shop better than others? Let us know!

We will be selecting random winners from the compiled list. What do you get from doing this? You get a pizza pie on us! A surprise pizza pie waiting for you when you get home? Yes, please! Sign me up for that!

When you nominate your favorite pizza shop and win, we will also dedicate a blog post to that pizza shop and give them a shoutout on social media. What a great way to support your local pizza spot! So comment below now and let us know which pizza shop makes your mouth water every single time!

Nominate Your Favorite Pizza Spot

Make sure to use this format in the comments section below.

Pizza Spot: Name of pizza business
Pizza Location: Address
Phone Number:
Best Pizza at this Spot:

Free Pizza Giveaway Club

Welcome to Free Pizza Giveaway Club! If you love pizza and giveaways this is the club for you! Here we will post all of our giveaways that you can enter, free of charge! Every giveaway will have a start and end date and you get multiple chances to enter and win! Make sure to bookmark our Free Pizza Giveaway page so you can enter daily. Doing this will increase your chances of getting that free, delicious, pizza pie that you love!

Enter Current LIVE Free Pizza Giveaway Below

Make sure to like, follow, and comment to earn as many points as you can for your chance to win free pizza! Is there anything better than free pizza? I don’t think so! Enter now fo your chance to win FREE PIZZA!

Free Pizza Giveaway Club

You will find our most recent pizza giveaway below. the winner is shown under each Gleam widget. UIf they send us pictures of their pizza, we will update this post.

Free Pizza Giveaway Club
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Free Pizza Giveaway Club
What is the best pizza in town?

Can Deer Eat Pizza?

Now that we know that raccoons love pizza, can deer eat pizza too? The short answer is YES! Every animal that has a taste of pizza will love it and want more. This goes for deer as well. One day, after finishing a hike, we went to grab a pizza pie. As we were driving back home and eating our pizza, a few deers passed the road. We stopped for them, rolled down the window and started taking photos. One brave deer turned around and came straight to the car!

What do you do when a deer pulls by your car window? You feed it a piece of your pizza! Not all deer are this friendly, but this lady was probably being fed by someone on a regular basis. She had no issues coming up to me and slobbering her saliva all over my hand and car window. So yes, deer can eat pizza and they love it! I felt bad that we didn’t have more slices to share. As to which restaurant the pie came from, I have no idea. Since the hike was in Rock Hill, I’m assuming it was a pie from Pizza the Rock.

While deer can eat pizza it doesn’t mean you should buy a pie and go looking for one. Deer, and other wildlife, should eat things that they can easily digest and won’t upset their stomachs. Avoid feeding your deer items they are not used to, especially in the winter. This can shock their digestive system and can cause diarrhea and dehydration. We want our deer to live and thrive, not have the runs.

Can Raccoons Eat Pizza?

I have wondered a few times, can raccoons eat pizza? The answer is, of course, yes! Raccoons love pizza as much as the next New Yorker. Italians visiting us must be horrified when they see a giant pie with so much cheese and sauce. On the other hand, we love it and can’t get enough. Our raccoon city and country dwellers love pizza as well. If you’ve been to the city and didn’t see a raccoon looking for pizza, you’re not looking hard enough.

Our late neighbor found a raccoon kit by the street a few years ago and took it home. He raised her and even let her chew on his toothbrush. Then, when she was old enough, he let her out into the wild. Every year since, Rascal, or her family generation, comes to us when it’s time to have her kits. Once the kits are old enough, they emerge from under our deck and start causing havoc. This year they came out at the right time. We just got our charcoal pizza oven, and they enjoy the leftovers. You can say they are also our taste testers.

When we don’t have any leftover pizza slices to give them, they flip and turn everything on the deck until they find a crumb. Okay, that might exaggerate a bit, but they are little rascals. My tomato plant was overturned and is dead now. The pizza oven and our sliding doors have small raccoon hand prints all over them. Shoes for outside have been chewed on and carried across the deck. Yes, there is nothing cuter than watching raccoons eat pizza! Sure, your baby is adorable but watching a bunch of raccoons fight over pizza and munch on them is priceless.