Best Pizza Subscriptions to Try

Today you can get a monthly delivery on almost anything, including pizza subscriptions. There are a number of different monthly pizza delivery options that will make your mouth water and your taste buds tingle with excitement. October is the perfect month to try some of these delicious pizza delivery options. Actually, any time of the year is the perfect time to try new and different pizzas!

Amazing Clubs – Pizza of the Month Club

If you love Chicago deep-dish pizza, this Amazing Clubs pizza subscription is for you. You can choose from three, six or 12 months deliveries. Every delivery includes three different deep-dish pies made from fresh, high quality ingredients. Each hand-tossed pizza is flash-frozen so it’s still fresh and delicious when it’s delivered to your home.

GoldBelly Pizza Subscription

For this subscription you can choose either three or six months of pizza delivery. Each delivery includes one pizza that can feed four people. In our household a large New York style pie feeds two pizza lovers only.  GoldBelly pizzas are not just deep-dish. They include a variety of pizza styles, toppings, and sauces.

Talia di Napoli Taste of Talia

If you want a little variety of handmade sourdough pies that bringyou back to italy, give this a try. With this pizza purchase you can get two Margherita pies, two Mozzarella pies, two Tartufina, One Four Cheese & One Provolina pizza. These eight pies will cost you $117 plus shipping. You can shop for all of their different pizzas here.

Brick n Fire Pizza Company Pizza Subscription

If you want at least five pizzas in your box delivery, you need to check this subscription out. Brick n Fire offers monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly pizza subscriptions. You can choose half (five) or full box (10) options, full of their samples or your own preferences.

Lou Malnati’s Taste of Chicago

Another deep-dish pizza subscription you can try is Lou Malnati’s.They have been shipping their pizzas since 1987! Unlike other subscriptions, this one is customizable. You can choose the number of pizzas you want and the type of pizza. From veggies to sausage to crustless or variety, you choose what you want delivered. Their deep-dish pies feed two people.

Daily Harvest Flatbreads

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Right now you’re screaming “flatbread is not pizza” but give it a try. When I first tried flatbread pizza I was pleasantly surprised. It was delicious and I was able to eat it all, and enjoy other appetizers. My favorite would have to be pesto flatbread pizza with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. Daily Harvest doesn’t do simple stuff like that. All of their pizza is gluten and dairy free and made from pure, simple and seasonal ingredients. For the subscription, you have to choose from either 9, 14, or 24 items and then select the flatbreads you want. Each flatbread pizza comes to around $10.

So far, I have not tried any of the above pizza subscriptions, have you? Which one would you like to try? Remember, October is National Pizza Month. Getting a pizza subscription for a month is a great way to celebrate it. 

October is National Pizza Month

October is the month where we fall in love with autumn leaves but another reason why we should love it is because it’s National Pizza Month! The whole month of October, in America, we celebrate the incredible, delicious, and perfect thing called pizza! While some of us believe that every day is a good day for pizza, others might enjoy it more in October. If you’re not one for pizza, well maybe in October you will give it another try, or two or three. Pizza goes well with a variety of beer, and wine, for those excited for Octoberfest.

How did October become the month for pizza? It all started in a little town called Santa Claus, Indiana. A pizzeria owner was looking for a magazine that would help him become more successful. When he found nothing out there that was helpful, he decided to make his own. In October of 1984, Gerry Durnell released his first Pizza Today issue and the rest was history. Well, he proposed that October be the national pizza month because of this reason, and someone else probably said; Sure! Then, the rest was history.

Celebrating National Pizza Month

How do you celebrate pizza month? October should be a month to celebrate pizza and try as many different slices and pies your heart and stomach desire. This is the month you should go wild and step outside of your comfort zone. Maybe try a pepperoni slice, a veggie slice, heck try a white slice or a tomato slice, maybe even a chicken and broccoli slice. Is the broccoli too much? This is the month where pizzeria shops might also have a special on their pies or slices and give free pizza. Some pizza restaurants might do a charity event, a giveaway, or a theme party, so be on the lookout for those as well. Heck, ask your local pizza spots what they will be doing or inspire them to do a pizza giveaway once a week for the month!

What will you be doing for National Pizza Month? Are you going to try new pizza or make some new pies? We will be whipping up new pizzas at home and trying a few different pizza shops. With so many pizzerias, the choices are endless and we will definitely need more than a month.