Children’s Fornino Pizza Workshop

If you want to learn to make and eat pizza like a pro, you need to join the Fornino pizza workshop! Starting September 17, every other Saturday there will be a pizza workshop from the famous Fornino pizza shop. Participants will be provided with everything they need including pizza dough, toppings, chef hats and aprons, pomegranate toast, a goodie bag and two complimentary tickets to Jane’s Carousel.

If you love pizza andkl have a child that is a chef in the making, this is the event for you. For  $37.73 you and your child get to enjoy a pizza making experience you’ll never forget. At the Fornino pizza workshop you will get to make your own pizza with your child, and add the toppings you like. Whether you are a newbie or want to perfect your pizza skills, you’ll get the tips and knowledge you need to make an incredible pie.

Michael Ayoub has been a chef for 45 years and is the owner of Fornino. He got the name from his mother’s maiden name, which also translates into oven. He has been creating delicious wood-fired pizzas here since 2004. He uses fresh and unique ingredients that are mouthwatering and memorable. If you want to make pizzas that are unique, classic and delicious like his, you have to let the chef show you how!

Let us know in the comments below if you joined the Children’s Fornino Pizza Workshop and how your pizza making experience was. If anything, this pizza workshop is a great start to learning more about your child and creating memories they won’t forget.


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