Best Pizza TV Shows

If you’re looking to get inspired and make better pizza, you need to enjoy a variety of pizza TV shows. Over the years there have been countless of television shows that showcase pizza and inspire us to try more pizza. Today, there are even more shows that get out juices floating and make us say; why didn’t I think of that? If you’re looking for the best pizza TV shows to binge watch, try the following:

Chef’s Table: Pizza

Netflix comes up with shows left and right but this one is a must watch. In this mini series you will get to meet a number of chefs from around the world and learn how they started their pizza addiction. From using the best and freshest ingredients to adding edible flowers to their pizzas, you’ll see it all.

Best In Dough

Hulu can’t just watch Netflix have a pizza show, they make sure to release their own. If you’re looking for a show where three amateur pizza makers and chefs compete to see who can make the better pie, this show is for you. This show not only inspires you to go and make more pizza, it will also make you hungry. Be sure to have your pie ready while you watch this pizza TV show.

The Pizza Show

This show started in 2016 and shows Frank Pinello, a pizza and bar owner, traveling near and far, eating a variety of pizzas. He talks to the pizzaiolos while enjoying their delicious, mouth-watering pies. Now that’s a job I want to sign up for! You can watch this show online and Roku.

Really Dough?

In this show, friends Scott and Mark travel and try anything claiming it’s a pizza. From pizza doughnuts to lasagna pizza, to calzone pizzas, the choices are endless. You can enjoy three seasons of this show, and decide for yourself if something is pizza or just a pizza-wannabe.

Do you watch any of the above pizza TV shows? Which one is your favorite? Are there any other pizza shows we should be watching? Let us know in the comments below.